Wedding Anniversary Certificate Template

Wedding anniversaries are a big deal to a couple. Often, they want something special to commemorate their milestone. A printable wedding anniversary certificate template is one way to do this. A wedding anniversary certificate is a decorative and fun way to recognize a couple’s marital bliss. They are designed to be decorative and attractive so that the couple may display the finished piece for years to come. Couples may choose to hang these in their home or to share with others.

These are rather simple to create and there is no set template for them. As such, a couple can choose the template that fits their mood and style the best. If a couple wants to continue using these certificates, it is not necessary that they all be in the same style, either. A couple may have several in many different styles to commemorate the years they have been together.

Decorative wedding certificates are meant to be used mostly for celebration, decoration, and mementos. However, there are some situations where you may be required to prove the longevity of your marriage. In certain instances, these might be accepted by an authority.

To use a designed certificate in these situations, it is likely that you will need the signatures of witnesses and a notary. It is extremely uncommon for these to be used to prove a marriage, and, as such, having a formal, notarized marriage certificate issued to you by the state.