Baptism Certificate Template Download

Certificates are used to mark very important milestones in a person’s life. This can be an accomplishment, an award, or just some significant event marking a new step. This collection of free baptism certificate templates is one great example for a significant event certificate.

When people get baptized, it is said that they are a new being. In Christianity, especially, there is the concept of the old person dying and the new person being born. Depending on the denomination of the faith, baptism is done when one is an infant (common in Orthodox and Roman Catholic) or when one is old enough to make the confirmation of faith on one’s own (a mostly Protestant practice).

Every sample on the list is offered free of charge, easy to download and print out. If you have a PDF-editing software, you might even modify the certificate to suit your needs. We have tried to include a Sample Baptism Certificate for the most common situations where it will be needed.

Baptism is by no means a small event, and a certificate is a good way to make it official. Aside from “welcome to the club” kind of certificates, other ceremonial documents might be awarded for other events. See Participation Certificate.